Coldstream Corriedale Stud was formed in 1922, originally based on bloodlines from the New Zealand and Australian Land Company. Since this time outside rams have been carefully selected from both Australia and New Zealand which have been adapted to our farming conditions and breeding a unique type of their own at Coldstream.


Our primary goal is to breed for our commercial clients easy-care, well-sprung, open faced sheep with:

 - High live weight gains

 - Heavy clipping high quality fleeces

 - High fertility

 - Footrot resistance

 - Parasite resistance


Performance recording ensures progeny meet our criteria. Data is sifted through regularly to identify high achievers. All ram lambs are DNA tested as part of the gene marker program and stud sires are all highly resistant to footrot; the property is footrot free. Coldstream Estate's 1600 commercial ewe flock is the proving ground for the stud progeny. To ensure the stud sheep are tested under harsh conditions none of the stud sheep are run on irrigated pastures.


Coldstream Estate offers for sale:

 -Commercial flock rams each summer privately by request.

 -Registered Stud Rams available year round.

 -500 annual draft commercial ewes available each summer.

 -Semen can be exported around the world and is available by request.

 -Individual fleeces for home-spinning are often available, please enquire.

 -Bulk orders of wool 24-28 microns can also be arranged.




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